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Disruption as the Norm? – Part 5 Lessons Learned

Quick recap This is Part 5, and the final post of the series on incorporating disruptive innovation approaches while optimizing the current business. Part 1 introduced the tension of balancing a present and future focus, caused by the shorter technology and product life cycles. Part … [Continue Reading]

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Research Kit is Awesome – But is More Data Always Better?

Let me start by saying that I think Apple’s Research Kit is great, and can enable us to do great things. However, a lot of the hype I’m hearing has me a little concerned, because it is mainly centered … [Continue Reading]


The Value of Applying a Consumer Mindset to the Healthcare Industry

Companies listed in Fast Company's "World's Most Innovative Companies in 2015 in Health Care" If the medical industry doesnt figure out how to make products that fit consumer lifestyles, the … [Continue Reading]


Apple Health and the Low Hanging Fruit in Healthcare Innovation

In my last post I talked about the different dimensions of innovation, and that there is some low hanging fruit in the healthcare system that could be realized by applying behavioral knowledge to … [Continue Reading]

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What is an Insight? Example

In my last post I discussed the difference between an insight and an observation, how each required different work, and led to different results. Now I’ll use my journey as a mobile phone consumer … [Continue Reading]


What is an Insight?

The topic of market insights has come up quite a lot lately. I have repeatedly been hearing the word insight as something to be observed, as in "We observed several insights on that consumer … [Continue Reading]


Learning Consumer Insights through English Literature

The Value of Humanities in Technology In my last post I talked about how my job waiting tables at a TGI Fridays enabled me to hone the problem finding skills that are more directly relevant to my … [Continue Reading]

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Healthcare Innovation: We’re Living Long…Will We Prosper?

"Live long, and Prosper" - Spock character - Star Trek Its no secret that healthcare costs are spiraling out of control. In other industries, the problem(s) contributing to rising costs can be … [Continue Reading]


Behavior Change: The Heart of Innovation

Were surrounded make that inundated by news of the latest wearable technology or smart phone app that will change the world. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing in direct proportion to our waistlines. … [Continue Reading]


Challenging Your Own Assumptions

One of the things I'm currently working on is leading a team to create disruptive opportunities within the changing healthcare landscape. I can't go into specifics of the work, but in taking … [Continue Reading]



Respect the Nuance

M.C. Escher Sky and Water I, 1938 Last week I gave a talk to a group of graduate students who are in a hands-on course to find innovative solutions to problems posed by real clients. As the first … [Continue Reading]


Design Thinking and the Integrative Mindset

Source: Slide deck on Design Thinking1 Design Thinking The Term as Prototype Design Thinking is a term most often used to describe the work done by companies such as IDEO, Continuum, and most … [Continue Reading]


Can Products Change Behavior?

I'm struck by how often I'm asked about a product's ability to change people's behavior. It's not the fact that I'm asked the question, but it's usually that an … [Continue Reading]

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What I learned about Work and Real Life from TGI Fridays

Growing up, we often played the popular board game,  The Game of Life.  The object of the game is to end with the most money. This is accomplished through a series of various decisions and … [Continue Reading]


Healthcare Innovation: Are You Above or Below the Line?

In several posts, I reference the need to evolve innovation beyond new technology to reinvent human experiences as a more sustainable approach to innovation especially in Healthcare.  Id like to put … [Continue Reading]


Stay In or Cash Out?

There were some good comments in last week's post which caused me to pose a question.  So many of you resonated with the idea that a start-up needs to launch an offering that is at the … [Continue Reading]

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