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What is an Insight?

The topic of market insights has come up quite a lot lately. I have repeatedly been hearing the word insight as something to be observed, as in "We observed several insights on that consumer interview." This is not an uncommon way to speak about insights, however, it’s not quite right. I wrote … [Continue Reading]

Healthcare Industry


Apple Health and the Low Hanging Fruit in Healthcare Innovation

In my last post I talked about the different dimensions of innovation, and that there is some low hanging fruit in the healthcare system that could be realized by applying behavioral knowledge to … [Continue Reading]


Healthcare Innovation: Are You Above or Below the Line?

In several posts, I reference the need to evolve innovation beyond new technology to reinvent human experiences as a more sustainable approach to innovation especially in Healthcare.  Id like to put … [Continue Reading]


Healthcare Innovation: We’re Living Long…Will We Prosper?

"Live long, and Prosper" - Spock character - Star Trek Its no secret that healthcare costs are spiraling out of control. In other industries, the problem(s) contributing to rising costs can be … [Continue Reading]

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Behavior Change: The Heart of Innovation

Were surrounded make that inundated by news of the latest wearable technology or smart phone app that will change the world. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing in direct proportion to our waistlines. … [Continue Reading]


Can Products Change Behavior?

I'm struck by how often I'm asked about a product's ability to change people's behavior. It's not the fact that I'm asked the question, but it's usually that an … [Continue Reading]


The Information Experience

When creating new customer experiences, it's often necessary to help corporate stakeholders to make different types of decisions than they would make to evolve the current offerings.  Making … [Continue Reading]

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Challenging Your Own Assumptions

One of the things I'm currently working on is leading a team to create disruptive opportunities within the changing healthcare landscape. I can't go into specifics of the work, but in taking … [Continue Reading]


Stay In or Cash Out?

There were some good comments in last week's post which caused me to pose a question.  So many of you resonated with the idea that a start-up needs to launch an offering that is at the … [Continue Reading]


The Start – Up Experience Dilemma

  I've noticed an interesting shift in the last couple of years when I talk with founders of start-ups.  It used to be that they were only worried about building a new product with new … [Continue Reading]



Respect the Nuance

M.C. Escher Sky and Water I, 1938 Last week I gave a talk to a group of graduate students who are in a hands-on course to find innovative solutions to problems posed by real clients. As the first … [Continue Reading]


Design Thinking and the Integrative Mindset

Source: Slide deck on Design Thinking1 Design Thinking The Term as Prototype Design Thinking is a term most often used to describe the work done by companies such as IDEO, Continuum, and most … [Continue Reading]


What vs Why

  I'm often struck by people's initial approach to innovation problems.  Very often, the initial impulse is to find out what exists today, and then develop new ideas based on the existing, … [Continue Reading]

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How did you learn to do that?

A few weeks ago, I met someone at a networking event and we were chatting about our work.  During the course of the conversation she asked me "How do you learn to do what you do?"  … [Continue Reading]


Are you creating a corporate dust bowl?

  Image Credit: Courtesy - The economic devestation of the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression is pretty well known.  What is less well known are the underlying causes that … [Continue Reading]

All Fur Coat and No Knickers

Have you heard the phrase All Fur Coat and No Knickers?  It's an old phrase used to describe people who have all the style and outward appearances, but no real substance underneath to back … [Continue Reading]

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